Going garish for bass Going garish for bass
John Neporadny Jr.

   Bright colors have been used for years on magazine covers and in advertising, fashion and home décor to catch our attention, and this same ...Full Story

Vacation fun in sunny South Carolina Vacation fun in sunny South Carolina
Danno Wise

South Carolina's Lake Murray has long been a favorite destination for professional and amateur anglers alike. However, although bass fishermen may find it hard to ...Full Story

Adjusting to skinny lakes Adjusting to skinny lakes
Steve Brigman

Mike Cork flipped his worm beneath a weathered duck blind that hadn’t been hunted in years. The hyacinth that floated around its base made it ...Full Story

Burning Crankbaits In The Summer Heat Burning Crankbaits In The Summer Heat
John Neporadny Jr.

The weekend warrior gets on the water before sunrise to catch summertime bass, then retreats to the air-conditioning to take a siesta when the air ...Full Story

A Lake Fork guide’s summer patterns A Lake Fork guide’s summer patterns
Steve Price

It was just the other day on Lake Fork; the air temperature and the humidity hovered in the high-90s and most anglers were inside soaking ...Full Story

Establishing a game plan Establishing a game plan
Steve Price

Long before he launches his boat at any of the particular Bassmaster Elite tournament lakes, Edwin Evers knows what he wants to fish. The Oklahoma ...Full Story

Staying fit for better fishing Staying fit for better fishing
Danno Wise

Bass fishing has changed considerably over the years. So have bass fishermen. A lot has been written about the mental and technical challenges faced by ...Full Story

Swim jigs: north vs. south Swim jigs: north vs. south
John Neporadny Jr.

Swimming a jig has become an effective way to catch bass throughout the country, but the technique and gear for this tactic can differ on ...Full Story

Flipping with soft hands Flipping with soft hands
Steve Brigman

Bill McDonald held his rod up, and shook it slightly. Suddenly the lonely bush a few feet in front of him erupted as he set ...Full Story

Football Camp Football Camp
Aaron Martin

Early October thru January, people across the nation spend their weekends cheering on their favorite college or professional football teams. Carefully, they choose the clothes ...Full Story

KeelGuard Extends Sponsorhip For 2007 To Bass Edge on VERSUS

Bass Edge announced Monday that Megaware KeelGuard Inc. will expand its sponsorship to include the new Bass Edge television show airing weekly on VERSUS (formerly ...Full Story

Organizing Your Tackle Organizing Your Tackle
Mike Webb

This week it was not a rainy day that kept me inside, but a nine-year old with a nasty case of the flu. After my ...Full Story

Pinpointing Lake Erie bronzebacks Pinpointing Lake Erie bronzebacks
John Neporadny Jr.

While reeling in a hefty smallmouth bass I watched in amazement as two other smallies of about the same size followed the hooked fish to ...Full Story

Learning Styles Learning Styles
Jay T. McNamara Ph.D. LP

Each of us has a preferred method for learning new information. Some people like to hear descriptions of circumstances, while others prefer to see or ...Full Story

Electronics 103: What Are You Looking At
Eric Prey & Mike Webb

In the first two installments of this series Mike Webb and I helped you to pick out and set up your LCD electronics. Experienced or ...Full Story

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